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Census Records

The following is a list of links to Census records. Some are free, but most are from subscription databases. The "for pay" resources are marked with a dollar sign ( $).

Ancestry.com $. A subscription site, but free to patrons at most county and state libraries and most Family History Centers. Has Federal census records 1790-1930 and many state census records, including Florida for 1885, 1935, and 1945.

Genealogy.com $. Another subscription site. Has Federal census records 1790-1930.

Heritage Quest Online This resource can only be accessed through a library - but many libraries have subscribed to the Heritage Quest Online collection and offer it as a free resource for their members. Has Federal census records 1790-1930, with possibly the cleanest images online. Check out your local library.

Family Search.org Pilot This free site is the FamilySearch.org development site and is constantly being updated. It currently has the 1850-1900 census available, with the 1920 census under construction. No images for the 1880 census. The site also currently has some state census records from these states: Florida, (1885, 1935, 1945), Massachussets, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. They are adding records on a regular basis, so this should not be considered a complete list of their assets.

There are many other sites online that offer partial census or census records dor a given year and location. A google search should reveal those for you.

Last updated: 14 March 2010